24 Film And TV Locations You Have To Visit

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Have you ever wondered where some of the most amazing TV show locations are filmed? Take a look at the top 18 locations where TV shows have been filmed and how you can actually go there and act like the characters’ in your favorite TV show.

The top 18 show locations you have to visit list below includes locations around the world from Scotland, Ireland, England, New York, Los Angeles and Oahu. These sets are open to the public and anyone can go and view these amazing locations for free.

It’s a big world out there, and we’ve narrowed down some of the most memorable—and beautiful—real life locations we’ve ever seen on TV. Continue to view all 24 amazing TV locations that you can add to your bucket-list and one day visit in real life!

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“American Horror Story” – Westchester Place Mansion

Source: travelandleisure.com

In American Horror Story the Murder House is disguised as a haunted mansion. You can view this Murder House in Los Angeles, California. Even though this mansion was just sold as a private residence for $3.5 million, touring the inside of the mansion might be tough, but you can still take pictures of the outside of the Murder House.[/nextpage]
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“Friends” – Greenwich Village Apartment

Source: thrillist.com

The Friends apartment building could be one of the most iconic apartments in all of New York City. This Manhattan apartment of Friends starts Monica and Rachel’s apartment doesn’t really have the same space as it shows in the sitcom. This apartment is located in Greenwich Village in New York City, on the corner of Grove and Bedford St.[/nextpage]
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“Breaking Bad” – The White’s House

Source: flickr.com

Walter White, the former high school teacher turned drug dealer lived here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The iconic BreakingBad house, has become an extremely popular tourist attraction; many pose and take pictures in front of Walter White’s house.[/nextpage]
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“The Sopranos” – Holsten’s

Source: pinterest.com

The Holsten’s diner made an appearance on the finale of The Sopranos. You can view the Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionaery Ice Cream Parlor in Bloomfield, New Jersey.[/nextpage]
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“Girls” – Cafe Grumpy

Source: new-york-walking-tours.com

For those that watch the HBO series Girls, you must know of Cafe Grumpy. This is one of the most popular cafe that is part of the franchises. The Cafe Grumpy can be viewed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.[/nextpage]
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“Poldark” – Wheal Owles Mine

Source: travelandleisure.com

One of the most beautiful sets on a TV show is that of Poldark. At one point, this area was a functioning mine, which is why it’s called “Wheal Owles Mine. This part of the show was filmed in Cornwall, England.[/nextpage]
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“Downtown Abbey” – Highclere Castle

Source: curbed.com

The Highclere Castle is extremely beautiful and historical. The Highclere Castle plans home to the cast of Downton Abbey and is located in West Berkshire, England. It’s important to note that not all parts of the castle are open to the public, as the 8th Earl of Carnarvon and his wife call this stunning castle their home. But you can still get to see most of the Highclere Castle.[/nextpage]
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“Game of Thrones” – Malta


Westeros is an island continent resembling medieval Britain. In the show’s first season, the city of Mdina on the island of Malta was the setting for King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.[/nextpage]

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“Hannibal” – St. Andrews Church

Source: hanniballecter.net

St. Andrews Church plans an important location as Dr. Lector’s home and office on Hannibal. You can view the St. Andrews Church in Toronto, Canada.[/nextpage]
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“Lost” – Police Beach. Oahu

Source: govisithawaii.com

Part of the show Lost was filmed on the island of Oahu and Police Beach.[/nextpage]
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“Game Of Thrones” – Kingsroad

Source: lactualite.com

The Kingsroad was part of the Game of Thrones TV show. You can personally go and view this set in the Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland.[/nextpage]
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“Mr. Robot” – Evil Corp Headquarters

Source: twitter.com

During the pilot episode of Mr. Robot as E Corp, this high rise building is located in New York City, New York.[/nextpage]
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“Orange Is The New Black” – Rosario Deli

Source: complex.com

This store is disguised as Dmitri’s Russian Deli in Orange Is the New Black. But Rosario’s is a real pizza store that is located in Astoria, Queens, New York.[/nextpage]
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“Outlander” – Midhope Castle

Source: pinterest.com

You can visit the Midhope Castle in the Scottish farmlands. The Castle that can be seen in “Outlander” is open to visitors. The amazing Midhope Castle has made several different appearances in the popular series Outlander.[/nextpage]
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“The Hangover” – Las Vegas


 Las Vegas is the main location for “The Hangover”. Parts of the movie are filmed at Caesars Palace. You can enjoy your days and nights at the casinos, clubs or shows that never stop in Las Vegas.[/nextpage]
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“The Walking Dead” – Senoia, Georgia

Source: bisnow.com

The main city of Woodbury of the popular series The Walking Dead, was actually filmed on Main Street in Senoia, Georgia.[/nextpage]
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“The Vampire Diaries” – Mystic Grill

Source: covnews.com

Those that view the popular TV series The Vampire Diaries, you must know of The Mystic Grill. This location was filmed in Covington, Georgia.[/nextpage]
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“Scandal” – Palace Theatre

Source: travelandleisure.com

The Palace Theatre was shown in every episode of Scandal as Olivia Pope’s office building. You can view the Palace Theatre in Los Angeles, California.[/nextpage]
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 “Sherlock Holmes” – Speedy’s Cafe

Source: izi.travel

Part of the TV show series Sherlock Holmes, is Speedy’s Cafe. This cafe is located on North Gower Street in London, England.[/nextpage]
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“True Blood” – Roseneath Plantation

Source: seeing-stars.com

The Reseneath Plantation appeared in the popular TV show series True Blood. This plantation is located in Gloster, Louisana, the owners have denied future filming due to the shows explicit content.[/nextpage]
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“Sex and the City” – Carrie’s House, New York


Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in Sex and the City might as well be the fifth main character. The original details in the brownstone on 64 Perry Street are breath taking – herringbone wood floors with inlaid borders, six fireplaces with carved marble mantels, and rooms with ornate crown and ceiling moldings are some of the highlights.[/nextpage]
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“Game of Thrones” – The Causeway Coast And Glens, Antrim, Northern Ireland GOT-NORTHERN-IRELAND

Downhill Beach is part of an 11km stretch of sand and surf offering a wealth of activities including water sports, scenic walks and facilities for that perfect family day out. Here the Seven Idols of Westeros were burned and Melisandre, flames dancing into the night sky, proclaimed: “For the night is dark and full of terrors.”[/nextpage]
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“The-Beach” – Ko Phi-Phi Leh, Thailand


This beach features crystal blue waters, the sand silky soft under your feet, the surrounding cliff faces beautifully dominant in a protective hug and where the surrounding choppy waters protect the enclave from human invaders.Incredibly stunning, yet ruined; spectacular but over-crowded, seeing Maya Bay in its natural state is now almost impossible.[/nextpage]
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“Lord of the Rings” – New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is known as Middle Earth for its Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. New Zealand born Peter Jackson filmed the entire six films in various locations around New Zealand.[/nextpage]


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