The 12 Most Expensive Flights Around The World

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Flying on airplanes across the country is not cheap, especially when airline company charging customers for every small thing. But if you think flying coach across the world is expensive, imagine doing it in first class. The price of first class tickets on airlines like Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways can range anywhere from $20,000 to $64,000 for a single seat.

Below we’ve created a list of the top 12 most expensive flights around the world that will make you feel like a multi-millionaire or billionaire. Almost all of these high priced seats go far beyond just lie-flat seats, but include enclosed private cabins with sliding doors that creates your own luxury space.

At least for the really expensive seats, customers get free gifts from designer names like Givenchy, Bulgari, Dior and Ferragamo. Dinner and drinks are part of a 5-course meal including Malossol Caviar, Lobster and Dom Pérignon.

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Qantas – Los Angeles to Melbourne


Qantas Airways is the main carrier to Australia. The ultra luxury experience with Qantas starts even before you get on the airplane. With some of the nicest first classes lounges in the world with an open fireplace. You start your trip with a great meal and a few drinks even before take off.

Once on board you’ll be able to experience a 16-hour flight in ultra luxury. With seats that recline into a fix-foot bed that has a sheepskin mattress. During the flight passengers have the option for top-chef Neil Perry’s dine a la carte or indulge in an eight-course tasting menu, and pick a wine after consulting a sommelier in the sky.

The price for a first class ticket from Los Angeles to Melbourne starts at only $15,000 USD. [/nextpage]

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Japan Airlines – Tokyo to Los Angeles


When flying from Japan to America, the best airline you can fly is Japan Airlines. The first class experience on Japan Airlines includes suites that have extra wide seat-beds that make you feel like your sleeping on a cloud.

The Japan Airlines suites includes a 23-inch flat screen TV and extra storage spaces for all your baggage. During the flight, first class guests are served with an à la carte offering of both western and Japanese dishes. As for drinks, a wide selection of red and white wine are available in addition to name brands like Moriizou and Kamoshibito Kuheiji.

The price for the first class suites on Japan Airlines from Tokyo to Los Angeles starts at $17,000 for a round trip ticket.[/nextpage]

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Japan Airlines – Tokyo to London


The best way to fly 11 hours from Tokyo to London is via Japan Airlines. Flying on the Boeing 777-300 on Japan Airlines allows customers to get their own private suite. These suites come with a 23-inch screen with premium movie and tv shows.

During your journey, first class Japan Airlines members can enjoy both Western and Japanese dishes that include lobster, scallops and caviar.

The price for a round trip ticket from Tokyo to London on Japan Airlines is $20,000.[/nextpage]

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Virgin Atlantic – New York to Singapore


Virgin Atlantic is known as one of the most fun airlines in the world. The first upper class on the Virgin Atlantic from New York to Singapore is not only fun, but ultra luxurious. The Virgin Atlantic has an amazing in-flight entertainment system and seats that becomes a bed during your flight across the Pacific Ocean.

For business travels, you can adjust the seats with its swivel technology to have in-flight meetings at 30,000 feet in the air. The route from New York to Singapore is one of the most expensive on Virgin Atlantic and will cost you $21,000 for a round trip ticket.[/nextpage]

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Swiss Air – New York to Singapore


Flying from New York to Singapore is the worlds longest flight. For a journey like this, the only way to travel and actually enjoy your trip is on First Class. Swiss Air Lines has called their first class product “your home above the clouds.”

There’s a good reason for the name, because the suites on board Swiss Air Lines makes you feel like your the only person on the flight.  The flight goes from New York with a stopover at Zurich International Airport, before continuing to Singapore.

During your flight, first class customers will enjoy a great food selection by Michelin-starred chef Dominique Gauthier and enjoy a full-length mattress beds.

The price for a round trip ticket from New York to Singapore on Swiss Air Lines is $22,000.[/nextpage]

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Singapore Airlines – Singapore to New York


One of the best planes to fly with Singapore Airlines across the world is on the Airbus A380. On the Airbus A380, Singapore offers its flagship Suites with fully enclosed cabins that have sliding doors.

The inside of the first class suites on Singapore Airlines was designed by French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste. The armchair leather has been had-sticked by Italian craftsmen Poltrona Frau.

Another great things about Singapore Airlines is that it was the first commercial flight that offers a double bed option with the two seats in the middle coming together to form an ultra luxury suite bed.

The price for a round trip ticket from Singapore to New York on Singapore Airlines is $24,000.[/nextpage]

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Korean Air – New York to Beijing


Korean Air has a great first class product when flying from New York to Beijing. The first class seats feature a sound hi-tech and luxury seats. Korean Air offers the ability for customers to recline their seats with the touch of a single button. The one touch button also allows customers seating in the middle to quickly put up a timber partition.

While flying from New York to Beijing, you’ll be awarded with some of the finest quality Asian cuisine in the world. The food is matched with a wide variety of wines and champagne.

Tickets for the Korean Air flight from New York to Beijing will cost around $27,000. [/nextpage]

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Cathay Pacific – New York to Hong Kong


Cathay Pacific is one of the most luxurious Asian airlines, with a focus on the finer details. The first class suites on Cathay Pacific’s flight from New York to Hong King features custom luxury furniture and special sculptures by Linda Leviton and Maria Lobo.

The first class cabin features a very unique 1-1-1 orientation that makes the cabin feel extra large and provide more room for the individual cabins. On the long flight across the Pacific, customers will enjoy the trademark dishes from Cathay Pacific with a wide variety of champagne, wines and caviar.

The price for a round trip ticket from New York to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific is $28,000.[/nextpage]

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Etihad Airways – San Francisco to Abu Dhabi

Etihad First Class Suite

Middle Eastern airline companies are the best in the world to fly on, and Etihad Airways meets all the demands of high-end luxury. Suites on Etihad Airways include a 23-inch screen, private mini-bar and some of the best al a carte menus in the world.

Etihad Airways is truly a class above everyone else with their amazing customer service on board and make the long trip from San Francisco to Abu Dhabi, fell like a quick trip.

The price for a round trip ticket from San Francisco to Abu Dhabi on Etihad Airways is $29,000.[/nextpage]

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Emirates – Los Angeles to Dubai


For those that live or work in Dubai or LA, luxury is a common way of life and traveling should be no exception. This is why the Los Angeles to Dubai flight on Emirates in one of the nicest and most expensive flights in the world.

The First Class Suites on Emirates includes a private seat that converts to a bed with a private mini-bar in the suite. While on board, you might run into some of the regular Hollywood locals, A-listers and businessmen that fly with Emirates.

The price for a round trip ticket from Los Angeles to Dubai on Emirates Airways is $36,000.[/nextpage]

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Lufthansa – New York to Hong Kong


For those that want to travel to Asia in the most luxurious way, than the Lufthansa first class product is the only way. On board the first class cabin, you’ll fell like your flying private compared to commercial.

The flight from New York to Hong Kong doesn’t seem like any standard flight you’ve been on before. The in-flight humidifiers paired with the extra luxury seat to bed setup makes the trip across the Pacific more of a vacation itself.

Drinks on Lufthansa includes wine from Markus Del Monego and food from Michelin that was awarded a five-star Skytrax rating.

The price for a round trip ticket from New York to Hong Kong on Lufthansa is $43,000.[/nextpage]

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Etihad Airways – New York to Abu Dhabi


If wonder what it would be like to travel in your own private penthouse suite 30,000 feet in the sky? With the new Etihad Residence product, you’ll feel like right at home with a private bathroom, bedroom and living room.

The living room features a double-seat sofa and two dining tables with a 32-inch flat-screen TV. While the private bedroom has a 6-foot 10-inch double bed matched with another 27-inch flat-screen TV. Don’t forget the private bathroom that allows you to shower and prepare yourself for your arrival.

The price for a round trip ticket from New York to Abu Dhabi is the most expensive in the world at $64,000 on Etihad Airways.[/nextpage]


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